Reference to Report On Misleading.

An article titled “KFx Inc.’s Case of He Said, She Said Leads To Falling Share Price” published by, and linked to the KFx (AMEX: $10.68) quote on Yahoo Finance under news, misleadingly quotes today’s Wall Street Journal’s mention of an report on KFx which contains images, and then references and provides a link to a February 2006 citation by author George Gutowski, of a previous report, also containing images. To clarify, the Wall Street Journal’s reference is to the September 18, 2006 report containing images showing the problems with KFx’s shipment to First Energy. Mr. Gutowski’s reference cites a January 30, 2006 report which contains images showing the inherent problems with K-Fuel.

The present images deal with the heart of the KFx issue, which is not simply whether KFx’s plant can use heat and pressure to reduce the water content in PRB coal, but whether any dried-out PRB coal can be transported more cheaply than raw PRB coal, and whether it can be unloaded, moved, stockpiled, placed in silos, milled and burned safely at a power generation plant. Reducing the water content has been done many times by many different processes. KFx itself produced and shipped a train load of dried coal a decade ago, after its last plant built at the same location as its current plant exploded.

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