KFx Inc.

For over 100 years Powder River Basin coal has been the source of about 50% of the nation’s coal generated electricity. Day and night, every day of every year, mile-long trains come in and out of the Powder River Basin, hauling coal to the nation’s power plants. It’s the cleanest burning coal in the US, but unfortunately, it has a high water content that lowers it’s BTU rating. And it’s dusty, so it messes up the tracks and the plants. And even more unfortunately, it can self-combust. Then along came KFx (later known as Evergreen Energy) claiming that it had a commercially viable way to solve all that and more. Our first suspicion was that KFX couldn’t be the first company to be interested in finding a solution for a big, age-old problem. Sure enough, we found an abundance of information about private and government-financed research projects and pilot plants that tried to extract the water out of Powder River Basin coal without making it more dangerous. Not one of them worked. Not only that, but with so many failures the government had invested heavily in trying to understand the reason for their failures. One of these government projects provided exact data applicable to the KFx project. And what it said was not good for KFx. As KFx investors waited, anticipating good news from the plant, we hired two teams of former FBI investigators to spend a month out in the Powder River Basin filming the long-awaited first commercial load from the billion-dollar plant. Only a music video (made from surveillance footage) could tell this story…

No. Date Reports
27 September 26, 2006 Analyst Role In Evergreen Scandal Highlighted.

26 September 26, 2006 KFx Dusts Its Analysts, Again.

25 September 22, 2006 KFx’s Product Performance Analyzed.

24 September 22, 2006 KFx’s Surfactant Claim Questioned

23 September 22, 2006 KFx’s Four Year Stock Promotion Turns To Dust.

22 September 19, 2006 Reference to asensio.com Report On Yahoo.com Misleading.

21 September 18, 2006 KFx’s Product Caused Emergency at First Energy.

20 August 3, 2006 KFx’s Plant Cost Reaches $95 Million

19 August 1, 2006 KFX: Waiting for Godot, Part Deux.

18 July 13, 2006 KFx: Waiting for Godot, again?

17 February 1, 2006 Questions for KFx about its secondary and so-called test burn.

16 January 31, 2006 KFx’s for show only scheme exposed.

15 January 31, 2006 KFX’s staged photographs raise more questions.

14 January 30, 2006 Why hasn’t KFx posted K-Fuel images on its web site?

13 October 20, 2005 Does KFx really want you to know about Kennecott?

12 October 13, 2005 Is Lurgi really KFx’s savior or is it just smoke and mirrors?

11 October 13, 2005 KFx: Hedge Funds wagging the dog?

10 July 13, 2005 I.R.S. Inquiry Creates Anxiety in Synthetic Fuel Industry

9 February 8, 2005 KFx’s new President involved in questionable stock schemes.

8 January 11, 2005 Similarities between KFx and the classic Wall Street scam Solv-Ex are striking!

7 January 11, 2005 More ties between Kfx and Solv-Ex.

6 October 27, 2004 Anchorage Daily News: Renkes works on vow to sell KFx stock, donate profits

5 October 19, 2004 KFx shams the Denver Post.

4 October 7, 2004 Placer Dome and Alaskans discredit KFx.

3 October 1, 2004 KFx’s 15th announced scheme may be worst in its 23-year history of failure.

2 October 1, 2004 List of KFx’s announced schemes.

1 September 29, 2004 The Globe and Mail and the Journal question KFx.