Utility Industry Leader Reports On Evergreen

POWER Magazine, the nation’s oldest, largest, and most respected and widely read trade journal to the utility industry, called Evergreen Energy Inc.’s (AMEX: KFX, $10.18; NYSE Arca: EEE) claims unsubstantiated, highlighting widely conflicting reports and the lack of verifiable results, as well as the product’s failure despite Evergreen’s extraordinary effort to correct the problem.

POWER is the official magazine of the PRB Coal Users’ Group and The ElectricPower Conference and Exhibition. Charles Kitchens, Chairman of the PRB Users Group has said “Dried PRB coal is always a problem. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with it.”

In an article written by Dr. Robert Peltier, who is POWER’s editor-in-chief and the magazine’s ninth editor in its 124-year history of continuous publication, it is noted that Evergreen is merely drying PRB coal and that economically drying PRB coal has been tried by many others, all of whom have failed.

POWER called Evergreen’s dust and elevated heat content out of the ordinary and not normal events, despite Evergreen’s Wall Street claims to the contrary. POWER noted Evergreen’s dust problem occurred even though significant quantities of water were used to spray over the coal and the shipment was small.

The POWER article was published by POWERnews a semi-monthly newsletter. It contains time-sensitive industry news. The article announces that pictures of Evergreen’s dust problem, which were a surprise to Wall Street but were widely expected as unavoidable by industry experts, will be published in an upcoming issue of POWER magazine.

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