Turbodyne makes futile attempt to gain credibility.

Turbodyne Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ/EASDAQ Symbol: TRBD) (Price: $4.125) has not served any lawsuit or notice of lawsuit on either Asensio & Company, Inc. or Manuel P. Asensio, its Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Turbodyne is a former-Vancouver shell company. Asensio & Company disclosed through its research reports that the alleged technology that Turbodyne claimed to have billions of U.S. dollars in sales potential was merely an electric-motor-driven supercharger acquired for $500,000 in penny-stock. Asensio & Company also discovered that Turbodyne had issued false statements concerning the United Nations Flag Technology Program.

In announcing a lawsuit against Asensio & Company, Inc. Turbodyne has merely joined the ranks of numerous other exposed stock promotions that resort to legal maneuvers as a last ditch effort to perpetuate their schemes.

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