Timminco’s Dietrich and Boisvert Evade Questions on Manipulating Conference.

Robert Dietrich, Timminco Limited’s (TSX: C$27.37) CFO and executive vice-president for finance, would not confirm that Timminco or its subsidiary Becancour forced a silicon industry conference to cancel Asensio’s invitation, according to a story by Greentechmedia.com. Dietrich even stated, “Why would we care too much about what he [Asensio] does or doesn’t do?” Despite Dietrich’s evasive statement, Timminco apparently cares a great deal about what Asensio does. The conference organizer’s email to Asensio cancelling the invitation made clear that Becancour/Timminco had effectively said ‘us or Asensio.’ However, Dietrich refused to take responsibility. Rene Boisvert, the Becancour executive who spoke at the conference, did not respond to Greentechmedia’s request for a comment.

Stockwatch.com also reported on Timminco’s actions to prevent Asensio from attending the conference. Stockwatch asked Asensio for a few questions he would have asked Boisvert. Stockwatch then sent Asensio’s questions directly to Boisvert, who did not respond, though “an email receipt confirms that Mr. Boisvert read the message.”

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