Timminco investors cautioned on Photon Consulting and Michael Rogol.

Last Wednesday shortly before Timminco Limited (TSX: TIM $23.90) released its earnings the company halted its own stock pending an announcement. The announcement turned out to be simply that its paid-for promoters, Photon Consulting and Michael Rogol, planned to hold a conference call as part of its many attempts to persuade investors to believe its story. After this side-show Timminco released earnings that revealed its claimed easy-to-build and up-and-running “invention” had failed to deliver its promised gargantuan earnings. Timminco has scheduled a call to promote its Photon Consulting scheme for tomorrow morning.

Information concerning Timminco’s story and Photon Consulting’s Michael Rogol, and their so-called report on Timminco’s silicon purification method, will be available to investors for their use here before the call.

Investors have a right to seriously question any company, and its analysts, who attempt to persuade them through abstractions while refusing and failing to provide them with the simple facts.