Solv-Ex fails to get regulatory approval.

Larry Brocke, Director of the Land Reclamation Division of the Alberta Department of Environmental Affairs (“ADEA”) has confirmed that the ADEA has not granted Solv-Ex any permit or authorization to commence production. ADEA’s regulatory approval is required before production can commence.

Solv-Ex Corporation’s managers have told reporters that its critics claim it could not produce bitumen from tar sands. Solv-Ex is claiming that it has “proved” it can produce bitumen. In fact, no one has ever said bitumen can’t be produced from tar sands. Bitumen has been produced from tar sands using the same primitive, rudimentary method planned by Solv-Ex since the 1920’s. There is nothing new or valuable in Solv-Ex’s plans.

Mr. Rendall has claimed that Solv-Ex will produce bitumen at a cost of $5 per barrel in a continuous process that was to use a patented solvent that replaced “conventional hot-water processing”. Many knowledgeable investors, tar sands experts and securities fraud investigators have reviewed Solv-Ex’s technology and declared that Solv-Ex’s claims were completely false and untrue.

Solv-Ex is distorting their critics’ statements in order to claim success if they can ever produce even a single batch of bitumen. In fact, the temporary “batch” plant that Solv-Ex has patched together is completely uneconomical and fails to prove any of Solv-Ex’s claims. The unfinished plant does not use any of Solv-Ex’s claimed patented technology. Any bitumen produced in this manner does not validate the “patented Solv-Ex technology”.

Solv-Ex’s plan was never to produce bitumen in uneconomical batches by merely boiling the tar sands in a temporarily rigged gravel washer. Solv-Ex claimed it would produce bitumen profitability, continuously and without creating toxic waste while generating certain valuable minerals as by-products. Solv-Ex’s critics claimed Solv-Ex couldn’t produce bitumen economically and that mineral extraction technology is a fraud. Solv-Ex’s attempt to turn a money-losing batch of bitumen into a publicity gimmick only provides further proof of its illegitimacy. We confirm our strong sell recommendation based on our belief that shares of Solv-Ex’s common stock are grossly overvalued and will soon trade well below $2 per share.

Solv-Ex Corporation (Trading Symbol: SOLVQ) (Price: $13.00)

Short selling involves a risk not associated with the purchase of stock including, but not only limited to, unlimited loss and stock borrowing risks. Additional information is available upon request.