Renkes throws KFx overboard in attempt to save himself.

In an article in today’s Anchorage Daily News Alaska’s Attorney General, who was discovered to have been repeatedly and deeply involved in KFx Inc.’s (AMEX, $7.75) stock promotion over the last 6 years, is quoted saying “As of yet, there is no relationship between the state and KFx.” Mr. Renkes said he is “not making it his mission to promote KFx.”

Mr. Renkes tried to distance himself. But the article notes that Mr. Renkes personally promoted the KFx scheme. The article also makes note of Governor Frank Murkowski’s grossly false and suspicious reference to KFx being “actually up and in operation” and points out that KFx has no commercial operation after 20 years and has only lost money.

The article wrongly mentions that KFx “has no proven track record.” In fact, KFx has a long and very proven track record. Today, published a report titled “List of KFx’s announced schemes” that details KFx product’s 29-year history of promoting 15 schemes while failing to achieve a single commercial sale.

State official could profit in trade deal
Coal: Gregg Renkes holds stock in Denver company KFx.
By Paula Dobbyn
Anchorage Daily News
October 1, 2004

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