Renkes refuses to take questions at press conference.

Alaska’s Attorney General Gregg D. Renkes refused to take questions from reporters at his own press conference. Mr. Renkes cited the recently disclosed investigation of his KFx, Inc. (AMEX: KFX, $7.78) dealings as his reason for refusing to take questions. Mr. Renkes was caught making false positive statements about KFx without disclosing he was a paid consultant for KFx and the former owner of KFx’s current plant, which failed commercially in 1999 and is supposedly being refurbished, or that he had ties to KFx’s shell intermediary Kanturk Partners LLC. Mr. Renkes also has ties to former Jefferies officials and bought KFx stock the day before Jefferies appeared on CNBC to promote KFx’s stock.

In the process of discovering Mr. Renkes’ long-term and many-varied interests in KFx’s stock promotion, we uncovered Mr. Renkes’ discredited dealings while he ran a private company called Reliable Power Inc. Mr. Renkes’ Reliable involvement with shell companies and false claims are eerily similar to his KFx and Kanturk promotion.

Below please find links to our archived reports on Mr. Renkes’ KFx stock promotion titled “Alaska’s Attorney General involved in KFx wrongful stock promotion”, a link to a story that appeared today in the Anchorage Daily News titled “Renkes to sell KFx Inc. shares” and a story that appeared yesterday in Reuters titled “Update 1: Alaska probes attorney general’s ties to coal firm.”

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Renkes to sell KFx Inc. shares
By Paula Dobbyn
Anchorage Daily News
October 5, 2004

Update 1: Alaska probes attorney general’s ties to coal firm
October 4, 2004

Renkes Archive Reports: Alaska’s Attorney General involved in KFx wrongful stock promotion.