POWER Reconfirms Its Interest In Investigating Evergreen.

Today’s edition of POWERnews contains an article titled “K-Fuel test follow-up.” The brief announcement written by Dr. Robert Peltier (Click here to read “K-fuel test follow-up”) again notes Evergreen Energy Inc.’s (NYSE: EEE, $11.41) refusal to release results from the FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE, $57.19) test.

We commend Dr. Peltier for facing-up to the pressure and doing what is right. An industry trade magazine is not normally subjected to the tactics employed by well-funded stock promotions, especially those used by the likes of Evergreen.

Evergreen attacked Pacific Growth Equities when it raised issues about its product. In fact, Pacific Growth was one of its stock promoters. Evergreen called Pacific Growth’s report a “malicious attempt” to cause harm.

Since the FirstEnergy fiasco, Evergreen has changed its name, changed its founders title and its stock listing, and spun-its-yarn on CNBC, Bloomberg News, in its local Denver press, at the JS Herold Pacesetters Conference, and in private investor meetings in New York City.

We trust that after over a year of conducting research, POWER Magazine, which does not have Wall Street conflicts of interest and whose interest lies in serving the utility industry and protecting a 124 year editorial heritage, will finally shed light on Evergreen’s dark charade.

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