ParkerVision ships more of its product: shares of stock.

On November 13, 2003 ParkerVision, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRKR, $8.90) announced the private placement of 2.3 million newly issued shares of common stock for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $20.2 million. In the press release ParkerVision refers to itself as a leader in direct conversion radio technology. ParkerVision has never earned a single dollar from sales related to the alleged wireless technology it has been promoting for 8 years without any commercial success and has lost money every year since becoming a public company in 1993.

On October 30, 1995 ParkerVision began its stock promotion based on an alleged wireless technology. On December 10, 1997 ParkerVision announced its “universal direct conversion” wireless product as a “breakthrough in wireless radio frequency technology” with “chips now available.” In spite of several product development agreements that ParkerVision announced, no commercially successful product has ever incorporated ParkerVision’s “revolutionary” direct conversion technology.

ParkerVision has repeatedly made false claims about its ability to successfully bring to market products that use its wireless technology and earn revenues from its wireless technology (click here to see Table I: Chronology of selected wireless technology claims and announcements).

When ParkerVision began promoting its direct conversion technology in 1997 the market was much smaller than it is today and the technology ParkerVision was touting may have seemed interesting to investors. Today there are more than 20 makers of WLAN products. In other words, ParkerVision’s “pioneering new radio technology” never developed while its alleged “revolutionary” products are now widely available and commonplace from recognizable companies. ParkerVision is an insignificant, unrecognized, would-be participant in a mature market where competition between products is based largely on price.

ParkerVision began promoting its alleged “major breakthrough” in wireless technology over 8 years ago. ParkerVision has made repeated promotional claims to continue its stock promotion. It has used its shameful wireless promotion to increase its total number of shares outstanding from 8.7 million shares in January 1995 to approximately 18 million shares including the private placement announced on November 13, 2003. During this time, ParkerVision has lost $86 million dollars. Asensio & Company, Inc.’s research reports on ParkerVision, Inc. are available at All of our reports are covered by the terms and conditions of the mandatory user agreement located /?page_id=25. The statements below are a part of the user agreement whose entirety is incorporated herein by reference. These statements, and all of the statements contained in the mandatory user agreement, are intended to strictly limit our potential liability to you and your possible legal rights to the fullest extent of the law. Readers are advised to carefully read the entirety of the mandatory user agreement and strictly adhere to the directions given therein.

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