NVEC’s Baker Still Promoting.

An article on NVE Corporation (NASDAQ: NVEC) was published on Saturday by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, discussing the company’s MRAM product and growth potential. Click here to read the article.

NVEC is still run by Daniel Baker, a man whose background is described in this asensio.com report: Is NVE’s Baker believable?

NVEC claims to have been a pioneer in its GMR and Spintronics. In fact, a simple check on Wikipedia shows that “GMR was discovered in 1988 in Fe/Cr/Fe trilayers by a research team led by Peter Grunberg of the Julich Research Centre, who owns the patent.” And that “The research field of Spintronics emerged from experiments on spin-dependent electron transport phenomena in solid-state devices done in the 1980s, including the observation of spin-polarized electron injection from a ferromagnetic metal to a normal metal by Johnson and Silsbee (1985) and the discovery of giant magnetoresistance independently by Albert Fert et al. and Peter Grunberg et al. (1988).”

NVEC claims uses its technology to develop smaller faster products than its competitors. One of those “inferior competitors” is Avoga Technologies, a company mention in NVEC’s risk disclosures, which spends $265 million a year in R&D and has over 1200 engineers and design professionals, and 5000 patents.