More on CSKI’s Colorful Japanese Connections.

Two reports previously issued by focused on connections between China Sky One Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSKI) and two Japanese nationals. One individual, KinKin Kure, became the owner of an entity with an early and important involvement with CSKI, Luminus Capital Management, Ltd. No other records were found regarding Kure’s involvement in any other investment organization, or regarding the basis for the transaction with Luminus. The other individual, Toshio Masuda, acquired CSKI warrants in some manner not disclosed by CSKI. Masuda faced fraud accusations concerning a Japanese investment scheme that he allegedly ran.

In researching these two Japanese connections, came across another colorful Japanese character connected to the arranger of CSKI’s reverse merger.

Charles Hung is the principal of American Eastern Securities, Inc., the firm that arranged CSKI’s reverse merger. Hung appeared on the Japanese website of the “International Peace and Culture Foundation” (IPCF), pictured with the foundation’s leader, Kengo Chiba. Chiba claims to be an advisor to American Eastern.

On IPCF’s English-language website, the foundation’s goals are described as to “help with the development of technology, publish books, consult, invent and sell any goods on world peace and on saving the Earth (as well as the Cosmos).”

While saving the Cosmos is an admirable goal, the association of this foundation with the U.S. securities firm that brought CSKI to the U.S. market seems irregular, just as KinKin Kure’s transaction with Luminus appeared irregular.