Manuel P. Asensio to hold media conference call ahead of Timminco’s scheduled call.

In response to Sprott Asset Management and Timminco Limited’s recent promotional activities Manuel P. Asensio has received calls from reporters preparing for a conference call to be conducted by Timminco at 3 P.M. today. If you are a reporter and have not received an invitation from Timminco you should call the company and make your inquiries with them.

The reporters calling Mr. Asensio are seeking information about Timminco’s plant tour, the Rogol/Photon promotion, Timminco’s recent SPI disclosure, Q-Cells and Good Energies’ role in the market for Timminco’s stock, a comparative study of Timminco’s silicon purification process, an evaluation of Timminco’s cost and capacity claims, and Timminco’s technology claims.

In order to assist the media, and to be fair to all interested parties, Mr. Asensio has agreed to speak on a conference call. If you are interested in participating on the conference call please email your request to [email protected].