KFx being drawn into Alaska investigation.

The investigation into Alaska Attorney General Gregg Renkes’ role in assisting KFx Inc. (AMEX: KFX, $8.80) with its Alaska stock promotion schemes has been widened to include the relationship between KFx and Governor Frank Murkowski. The Governor’s Chief of Staff Jim Clark has refused to comment on the Governor’s KFx-paid trip and has delayed the release of documents related to KFx.

KFx has been successful in down playing the significance of its Alaska schemes. It is not surprising to witness such shamelessness coming from a company that is still promoting a 29 year-old failed business idea. Nor is it surprising to see KFx’s Wall Street analysts also shamelessly coming to its support. KFx is an extremely questionable company living-on schemes to promote its stock. Our predecessor’s, Asensio & Company, 8 year investment record from 1996 to 2003 has proven that despite the full efforts of Wall Street’s largest bulge-bracket firms and media support (two things the low-grade KFx promotion has always lacked) and despite regulatory failures to protect investors, those that ignore the reasonable, fact-based warnings of investor advocates can not generate investment profits. Few investors have received a more dire warning than those involved in KFx’s absurd scheme.

Renkes works on vow to sell KFx stock, donate profits
By Paula Dobbyn
Anchorage Daily News
October 27, 2004

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