Is the Infamous Toshio Masuda a Private CSKI Investor?

China Sky One Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSKI) Form S-1 registration statement filed April 11, 2008 lists Abington Company, Ltd. (“Abington”) as a holder of warrants convertible to 100,000 shares of CSKI. The S-1 states that Toshio Masuda has “voting and dispositive power” over the CSKI shares held by Abington.

Reports from the International Herald Tribune and the Daily Yomiuri, a Japanese newspaper, state that Toshio Masuda is a “self-styled current affairs commentator” and that “Sunra World Corp., which is effectively run by Masuda, collected some 20 billion yen [US$223 million] from investors by promising high interest but did not repay the principal and interest.” Some of Masuda’s investors have reportedly filed a criminal complaint against Masuda, according to the Daily Yomiuri. Click here to view the press stories on Masuda and Sunra World Corp.

Abington shared a Hong Kong address with a company called Sunra Securities Limited, according to a Hong Kong Companies Registry document. Sunra Securities was 50% owned by Toshio Masuda and 50% owned by his wife, Mariko Ejiri.

According to a Form 144 filed with the SEC on January 19, 2005, Sunra Luminus Fund, Ltd. filed to sell 79,000 shares of American Dairy, Inc. (NYSE: ADY) through American Eastern Securities. The address given for Sunra Luminus Fund, Ltd. was c/o Sunra World Corp. in Tokyo, Japan, and the form was signed by Mariko Ejiri. Like CSKI, ADY is a reverse merger arranged by American Eastern Securities.

Thus, it appears this is the same Toshio Masuda listed in CSKI’s S-1.

Masuda’s investments through Sunra World Corp. reportedly included a coffee plantation venture in Hawaii, Sunra Coffee LLC, which filed for bankruptcy in August 2009, according to a Hawaiian newspaper.

Another of Masuda’s reported investments was a U.S. company called Arius3D Inc., which Masuda reportedly touted as “the next Microsoft,” according to a report in the Daily Yomiuri. Arius3D has agreed to be acquired by a Canadian penny stock company, Rebecca Capital Inc. (CVE: REB.P C$0.30), according to an announcement by Rebecca Capital dated September 21, 2009.