Hemispherx’s hubris expands to legal profession.

No officer, director, employee or agent of Asensio & Company, Inc. (“Asensio”) has any relationship with Finkelstein, Thompson, & Loughran (“FTL”). Hemispherx’s release alleging a relationship between Asensio and FTL is completely false and untrue. However, this does not in any way indicate that Asensio is unwilling to assist FTL in any potential lawsuit against Hemispherx, or that it would be wrong for Asensio to do so. We view Hemispherx’s lawsuit against FTL as yet another confirmation that Hemispherx’s only real activity is stock promotion.

Asensio believes that Hemispherx is grossly overvalued as a result of a combination of the company’s fraudulent stock rigging activities and the systematic dissemination of material fraudulent information, including the dissemination of absurd and misleading patent information. Hemispherx has never commercially introduced a product and does not have and has never had exclusive rights to manufacture Ampligen. We believe Ampligen has no commercial value and that Hemispherx’s management is unfit to lead a public company. We further believe that any resources allocated to Hemispherx do not support any legitimate business or medical activity. As a result, Asensio supports any regulatory action against Hemispherx, either governmental or private, as in the case of FTL’s possible action.

(AMEX symbols: HEB and HEBWS) (Price: $7.00)

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