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What does a penny-stock company that claims to be in the anti-counterfeiting security business have in common with a B-list movie production house, a former New York police chief, the leader of a multi-billion dollar public company and the European Central Bank, as well as 9 other European countries?

New Sky Communications, a penny stock scheme turned movie production company turned Internet scheme last changed its name to Document Security Systems (AMEX: DMC $10.42) after failing on all three counts. Now this penny stock scheme is into its most grandiose promotion. After acquiring three tiny private companies, it is now claiming to be the future of the anti-counterfeiting industry.

The connection to the movie industry does not end with DMC starting as a B-list movie producer penny stock promotion scheme but can also be made with the story that DMC’s management wants investors to believe. That story includes a wayward inventor whose patented information is supposedly ripped-off by everyone from the U.S. Government to the European Central Bank. The promotional storyline continues with the inventor’s surviving sons seeking vindication for their father using DMC as the vehicle for their father’s posthumous justice.

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