European Patent Office Issues Uncommon Decision revoking Universal Display’s alleged pioneering OLED patent.

Munich, Germany, November 21, 2013. Today, a publisher of meaningful reviews of public company disclosures since 1996, announced that a Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office, the European Union’s Highest Patent Appeal Court governing 28 countries with an estimated population of 503.7 million, revoked in an uncommon decision the entirety all claims in Universal Display Corporation’s (NASDAQ: OLED) patent that contained UDC’s alleged OLED pioneering invention.  UDC has claimed that this patent was a “dramatic” breakthrough that enabled OLED’s commercialization. At trial UDC’s patent attorneys argued that the patent represented UDC’s “revolutionary” OLED invention.  The Board rejected all of their arguments and claims. The EPO’s ruling is a historic and momentous victory of real OLED industry manufacturers over UDC, which is US patent assertion entity (PAE) or also called a patent troll.

Manuel P. Asensio, the founder of, stated, “Others have depicted UDC’s patents as pioneering based on their agreement with Samsung without having read Samsung’s agreement terms or understanding the context and circumstances under which the Samsung agreement was executed. is continuing its unique research on UDC by meaningfully addressing these issues.” initiated reporting on UDC on September 12, 2013 with the presentation of an uniquely qualified expert opinion filed at the European Patent Office opposing UDC’s cornerstone key patents. A high court trial with virtual finality in the entire European Union.  Appeals to an Enlarged Board of Appeals are statutorily strictly limited to procedural matters.  The proceeding were straightforward as the Board found the weakness of UDC’s patent to be self-evident in the first instance of review.