Disclosure concerning asensio.com Founder’s Role in Government Policy Organization.

On July 15, 2010 Inside Higher Ed published an article titled “Does the Messenger Matter?” The article notes that asensio.com’s founder, Manuel P. Asensio, is president of a nonprofit group formed in December 2009 “that has chosen as one of its few advocacy issues the regulation of for-profit higher education.”

Mr. Asensio formed the Alliance of Economic Stability, Inc. (“AES”) www.eally.org to help educate Americans on the impact of the conflicts of interest, lack of accountability, and substantial discretionary power exercised by federal administrative agencies under the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946.

Traditionally Americans are taught about the separation of powers and the three branches of government but not the discretionary powers of the “fourth branch” of government, which are the administrative agencies run by Presidential appointees. Administrative agencies have a material economic impact without substantial judicial or congressional oversight.

The AES is at the forefront of financial and factual research into U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s allowance of FINRA’s regulatory deficiencies that are central to the sub-prime collapse and today’s economic crisis. The AES has also conducted research into the costs related to for-profit education companies’ (“For-Profits”) rule violations and the administrative deficiencies at the Department of Education (“DOE”) that have allowed the For-Profits to influence the DOE’s rule-making and enforcement policies in a manner that is counter to the nation’s interest.