Cypress’ big, low capacity, slow and expensive MRAM chip delayed, again.

This morning Cypress Semiconductor Corporation’s (NYSE: CY, $9.94) Treasurer, Neil Weiss, provided information regarding Cypress’ Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (“MRAM”) development effort during his presentation at the Raymond James IT Supply Chain Conference. The following quote is excerpted from Mr. Weiss’ presentation.

“We thought we were there. We ran into a problem. We were having an error in one of the bytes flipped the wrong way. We found a way around it, which is put on some software, error correction software. The problem with error correction software is that it makes the MRAM itself a bigger product, a more expensive product and a slower product. So our hope is to be able to get it out, probably in Q1 of next year. And this thing keeps pushing out so you just never know.”

Today’s market action indicates that some NVE Corporation (NASDAQ: NVEC, $27.65) shareholders are still hoping that Cypress will deliver an MRAM product and that NVE will find a way to profit from it. These blind-faith believers in Daniel Baker and the Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report are the only source of support for NVE’s stock promotion scheme.

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