Crystallex fails to disclose conclusive findings of investigation and resulting Ministry of Energy and Mines’ rulings.

In addition to making false claims of ownership to Las Cristinas, Crystallex has failed to disclose that the Venezuelan Minister of Energy and Mines has “absolutely voided” its Santa Elena 7, Santa Elena 8, Carabobo and San Miguel 8 gold mining concessions. In its latest annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission, Crystallex claimed that they had “good title to the Santa Elena 7 and 8, Carabobo and San Miguel 8 concessions.” These voided concessions presumably represent a significant portion of Crystallex’s already minute mining assets. Crystallex continues to claim it still owns these four Venezuelan gold mining concessions.

Crystallex claims it has rights to other gold concessions in Venezuela, including Las Cristinas. Crystallex has absolutely no basis to claim it owns or ever owned Las Cristinas. We believe Crystallex’s legal maneuvers have never had as their purpose the goal of obtaining such ownership. We believe Crystallex’s management has merely created a diversion whose sole purpose is to generate promotional material for use by its international stock fraud program. Crystallex’s false claims have been repeatedly published by Roy S. Carson’s VHeadline/VENews, The Grandich Letter, Insider Report, Gold Mining Outlook, Robert Bishop’s Gold Mining Stock Report, and Mathew Ingram of The Globe and Mail.

Crystallex International Corporation (AMEX Symbol: KRY) (Price: $4.625)

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