Coincidentally, trading in Mark J. Oppenheimer’s prior stock promotion was halted yesterday.

Prior to joining Crystallex, Mark J. Oppenheimer was Chief Financial Officer for Concord Camera Corporation. He assumed the position following the dismissal of his predecessor, who alleged he had been fired because he had discovered that the Chairman was embezzling company funds. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating these allegations, although Concord made an out-of-court payment to the accuser to settle the lawsuit that first raised these allegations. (An article in The Financial Post published on April 18, 1997 failed to disclose Mr. Oppenheimer’s employment at Concord Camera.) After Concord Camera, Mr. Oppenheimer reportedly became president of IBL Equities Ltd., presently known as Serena Resources, Ltd. (VSE: SUS). Serena was allegedly involved in the non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying business. The trading of shares of Serena was suspended as of yesterday, March 3, 1998, due to unpaid sustaining fees in the amount of $652.15 owed to the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

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