initiates coverage on China Sky One Medical, Inc., located at, America’s oldest and most accomplished short selling advocacy website, today initiated coverage on shares of China Sky One Medical, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSKI).

Two reports have been issued today on regarding China Sky. China Sky is a US-listed Chinese company claiming to sell over-the-counter pharmaceutical products based on traditional Chinese medicine, such as a weight-loss patch and hemorrhoid ointment, and also claiming to be conducting research on cancer treatments and stem cells.

“Are China Sky’s Financials Believable?” is the first report. It details the many problems China Sky has had with its auditors, and some of the problems apparent with the company’s corporate governance.

The second report, “A Small Taste of China Sky’s Erroneous Numbers” shows what seems to be an unbelievable mistake in China Sky’s reported EPS. was originally launched in 1996 as the official website of Asensio & Company, Inc., which to this date remains the only FINRA and Securities and Exchange Commission registered investment bank ever to have operated as a dedicated short selling organization.