Asensio & Company, Inc. issues two new reports on PolyMedica Corporation.

Today August 13, 2002, Asensio & Company, Inc. released two new equity research reports titled “PolyMedica’s ‘hidden’ losses surpass $55 million. Medicare moves to cut payments.” and “Why did Mr. Lee leave without notice?” The reports, which are part of Asensio & Company’s ongoing equity research coverage of PolyMedica Corporation (NASDAQ: PLMD, $27.41), are available at The reports were issued in response to PolyMedica’s first quarter financial results reported on July 25, 2002 and the August 5, 2002 announcement of PolyMedica CEO Steven Lee’s retirement.

The reports contain an update of Asensio & Company’s financial analysis of PolyMedica’s reported results and give a summary of the facts and an opinion about Mr. Lee’s retirement. The report also includes an update of the Department of Health and Human Services’ effort to cut the rates Medicare currently pays suppliers of blood glucose test strips.

Asensio & Company, Inc. believes PolyMedica’s results are not sustainable and that its stock is grossly overvalued. Our reports on PolyMedica are available at