Asensio & Company denies all charges in Hemispherx’s press release.

Asensio & Company, Inc. (“Asensio”) denies that it had or has ever had any co-conspirators and denies knowledge of or participation in a scheme by short-sellers to manipulate Hemispherx’s stock price and defraud Hemispherx investors. Asensio only knows of Hemispherx management’s scheme to manipulate the Hemispherx stock price and defraud Hemispherx investors. Asensio denies pursuing any aggressive media, federal mail and Internet campaign to disseminate false and misleading information intended to drive down Hemispherx’s share price. All of the information contained in our Hemispherx reports is to the best of our knowledge complete, correct and accurate. We believe this information proves that Hemispherx shares are worth far less than $1 per share.

Asensio denies forming any fraudulent brokerage accounts and phantom accounts in the U.S. and in foreign countries. All of our Hemispherx’s stock trading has been conducted in our U.S. accounts and executed on the American Stock Exchange. Asensio denies any knowledge of knowingly disseminating outdated figures on CFIDS incidence in order to present a fraudulent case to investors for the market for Hemispherx’s products. Asensio also denies knowingly disseminating outdated or incorrect misinformation on the efficacy and toxicity of Ampligen and on the clinical testing status of Ampligen under Food and Drug Administration regulations. These false charges accurately describe Hemispherx’s actions not Asensio’s complete and open analysis.

(AMEX symbols: HEB and HEBWS) (Price: $6.00)

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