Are Wall Street Investors over-paying for the over-crowded plastic shoe fad?

Have you seen the Ameritrade TV ads where the daughter asks her father for money to buy a new pair of jeans that all her friends are wearing? Remember the hip-dad going to his computer to buy stock in the jean company? He then reaches in to his pocket to fork-over the dough making it look like the smart, well to-do father, having used the daughter’s hot tip, had happily gotten the better-end of the deal! Well, that is exactly how some unworthy shoe and apparel stocks end-up temporarily selling at prices that rival the fanciest Wall Street bio-tech and Internet darlings.

Go to to read about Crocs, Inc. (NASD Stock Trading Symbol: CROX; $ ), who along with Target, Payless,, Nordstrom’s “The Rack” and several other notables, market clog-like plastic shoes. Who said there aren’t comedians on Wall Street? There are. And a few are writing research on a high-priced stock based on plastic clogs, run by an unlikely group of novice-fashionistas!

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