After losing claimed OLED leadership status, Universal Displays tries nonsensical promote with Philips.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013.  Last Friday Universal Display Corporation (“UDC;” NASDAQ: OLED) failed in the world’s largest international court of law to support its “we own phosphorescence” OLEDs claims.   So as if to prove the point that it really isn’t a leader, after the close yesterday UDC issued a press release announcing that it was going to provide samples of its OLED chemicals to an existing OLED manufacturer, which has in the market among its many already existing products an OLED lamp that sells for US$336.38 on the web.

UDC’s loss could not have been more damaging or embarrassing.  Previously UDC has used the lost claims to allege that it had made a “revolutionary” and “dramatic breakthrough” that enabled the commercialization of OLEDs. On every claim, UDC was found have failed to provide a description of the invention; it did not tell a way of making and using the invention so that an informed person could make and use it themselves.  In plain terms the High Court ruled that UDC’s most trumpeted claims were entirely nonexistent, not simply without merit, or weak compared to others, but that UDC’s claims were simply senseless.  The principle of law used the by the European Union’s highest patent court that invalidated UDC’s so called revolutionary patent has been adopted by the United States under statute 35 USC paragraph 112 and other major countries.

It appears that UDC’s press release was intended to mitigate the damage to its reputation of the above described court order, which has final effect in 28 countries at once that make up the world’s largest market.  Before the loss, UDC had already acknowledged that its business was competitive with some products already becoming a commodity.  This raises questions about the wisdom of distracting investors from focusing on whether Samsung will make payment for its next semi-annual licensing fee.

UDC’s announcement did not contain a statement from the customer or its contact information.  It appears that UDC is not interested in highlighting that Philips already has well developed OLED operation independent of UDC.   It seems that UDC is interested in creating the impression that investors need not ponder the significance of Friday’s order.

Below is the contact information that is absent from UDC’s announcement.

Philips Technologie GmbHBusiness Center OLED Lighting
Philipsstraße 8
52068 Aachen
Tel.: 0241 / 539-2428
Fax: 0241 / 539-2644





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