10 Years Later, Crystallex Promoter Still at It

Ten years ago, asensio.com reported on misleading statements made by Roy Carson aiding Crystallex International Corp.’s (AMEX: KRY $1.15) stock promotion that later failed. Ten years later, it seems Mr. Carson is still trying to promote Crystallex. A report that appeared on www.pr-inside.com cites Roy Carson, “VHeadline editor & publisher,” as a source. The report describes comments made by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on mining nationalization, and implies that Crystallex will not be affected by nationalization of the Venezuelan mining industry, unlike Crystallex’s competitor Gold Reserve Inc. (AMEX: GRZ $1.37).

The pr-inside.com report follows the publication of a Reuters article on Friday, September 19th, discussing comments made by Chavez on “taking back” Venezuelan mines. Reuters reported that Chavez seemed to single out Las Cristinas, the Crystallex-owned mining project. The Reuters article did not even mention Gold Reserve.

Though Carson is described as “editor & publisher,” VHeadline is a blog, not a news organization, giving what it describes as “an editorially independent perspective.” See http://vheadlinevenezuelanews.blogspot.com.

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