No. Date Reports
8 September 10, 2010 Another NASDAQ Official in China Discovered to Have Questionable Ties to NASDAQ-Listed Chinese Reverse Mergers.

7 September 10, 2010 Releases Report on NASDAQ Official’s Questionable Dealings.

6 March 12, 2010 Another NASDAQ Bell-Ringing Controversy: YUII

5 January 7, 2010 CSKI Erroneously Touts Its “High Ethical Standards” while NASDAQ Continues Its Supposed Listing Review.

4 December 30, 2009 As NASDAQ pursues its “just list them” policy China’s “huge fraud” makes headlines.

3 December 22, 2009 Top Chinese NASDAQ Official’s Resignation Raises Questions about NASDAQ’s Disclosures.

2 December 22, 2009 NASDAQ’s Conflicts in Pegasus and Xu Raise Questions About Its Regulatory Reliability.

1 December 22, 2009 Bodisen and Wey’s Connections to NASDAQ’s Chinese Reverse Merger Mill Exposed.