Diana Corporation

Diana burst onto the scene with a supposedly revolutionary telephone switch that could process data and voice faster and more efficiently than any other product on the market. The product and its role in the Internet and voice networks of major carriers was complicated and unfamilar to investors. This allowed the company to make investors and Wall Street analysts believe that there was real value in the product. asensio.com used experts to break the product down to its smallest components to see how it worked, how much it would cost to make, who would be interested in buying it, and how much would it be worth to them. What we discovered was an old, out-of-date, useless piece of equipment with no value to any phone network operator. It was merely a crudely modified phone switch used in very small markets decades earlier.

No. Date Reports
17 June 27, 2006 10th Anniversary Creation of Activist Short-Selling

16 August 7, 1997 Diana filing reveals negative impact of recent financings.

15 July 17, 1997 Diana will realize no gain from Concentric’s offering or lawsuit.

14 November 14, 1996 Diana issues yet another false statement.

13 October 24, 1996 Investigation finds Diana’s rebuttals to be completely untrue.

12 October 16, 1996 Asensio & Company serves demand on Diana.

11 October 15, 1996 Engineering study finds important discrepancies in many of Sattel’s performance claims and proves that its products are technologically obsolete.

10 October 15, 1996 Asensio & Company releases summary of Diana engineering study.


8 September 6, 1996 President of Fund Manager Buys Diana Stock Privately at $20 Per Share While His Funds Pay Almost $32 Per Share In The Open Market.

7 July 26, 1996 Diana Loudly Rings The Closing Bell.

6 July 23, 1996 Asensio & Company, Inc. reconfirms its Strong Sell recommendation of the Diana Corporation’s stock citing management’s reversal of prior claims in new SEC filing.

5 July 2, 1996 Diana’s new 10K provides straightforward proof of fraud.Sattel technologies, Inc. “washes hands” of DataNet and DSS.

4 June 27, 1996 Asensio & Company, Inc. reconfirmed its Strong Sell recommendation on the Diana Corporation (“DNA”) after its stock most recent drop.

3 June 25, 1996 Many of Diana’s DataNet product claims are false. DNA shares remain grossly overvalued.

2 June 6, 1996 Diana fails to deny its stock is “grossly over-inflated” or that it “possesses no valuable technology”.

1 June 4, 1996 Strong Sell Recommendation- The Diana Corporation (NYSE Symbol “DNA”). Diana possesses no valuable technology. Its stock is grossly over inflated.