Eros International Plc

Eros International Plc has been openly called a “fraud story” and that Grant Thornton’s audit has been described as “mostly accounting fiction” created to “enrich its controlling family at the expense of shareholders,” ultimately making Eros’s equity “worthless.”

No. Date Reports
14 August 12, 2016 EROS’s Mysterious UAE Sales Compound Worst-Case Scenario

13 August 12, 2016 EROS’s Latest Form 20-F Release Confirms Worst-Case Scenario

12 July 20, 2016 Interview with Activist Insight

11 July 18, 2016 EROS: Prem’s Dilemma

10 June 28, 2016 EROS: Suggested Investor Questions on UAE Financial Reporting

9 June 28, 2016 Releases Letters to Skadden and Foley on Eros’s Financial Disclosures

8 June 13, 2016 EROS Chairman’s “conduct-a-assist” Skadden statement on CNBC India.

7 June 10, 2016 Grant Thornton retains counsel in EROS’s “divided responsibility” audit matter.

6 June 9, 2016 communicates with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission regarding EROS’s latest public statements.

5 June 9, 2016 ErosNow’s “Fullerton Deal” brings “New Round of Questions”

4 June 7, 2016 Eros backs away from Skadden’s independent review

3 June 7, 2016 EROS’s ‘Dozen Unknown’ audited subsidiaries out earn ‘Big Name’ Grant Thornton “audited” parent

2 June 7, 2016 alerts the PCAOB to concerns over Grant Thornton’s audit of Eros International Plc.

1 June 7, 2016 Questions for Grant Thornton in connection with Eros’s divided responsibilty audit